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our commitment

We are fully committed to our social, ethical and business standards.

ALL4 LOGISTICS is committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure we are true to our directives with respect for human rights, the environment, and governing laws.


Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

At ALL4 Logistics we value ethics and transparency. We are constantly implementing and updating our procedures to the highest standards and we are very proud of it.

Our group policies are guidelines and rules for compliance and behaviour within our company. These policies, guidelines and procedures support us in our daily work to make the right decisions.


Issue date: 10/01/2023 Review date: 10/04/2024. Next review: 10/04/2025.


Anti-Slavery Policy

ALL4 LOGISTICS LTD is committed to doing business with respect for human rights and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to guarantee that human rights are not breached. We condemn modern slavery and human trafficking and are committed to social inclusion, diversity, equality, and ethical business. We are an equal opportunities employer.

ALL4 LOGISTICS has a strong and unwavering commitment to prohibiting human trafficking and slavery by way of its business entities, employees, and other parties associated with ALL4 LOGISTICS. In compliance with the law, and to put into effect ALL4 LOGISTICS’ commitment to prohibiting these practices, this Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement serves to ensure a work environment that is free from human trafficking, forced labor, and unlawful child labor (Slavery and Human Trafficking).

These practices are also required to be followed by our suppliers, subcontractors, or business partners nationwide. ALL4 LOGISTICS strongly opposes any use of slavery or human trafficking in providing its services and fully supports the promotion of ethical and
lawful business practice within our workplace.

Click to Read or Download our Full Anti-Slavery Policy v2-2024 (PDF).

Anti-Corruption Policy

It is ALL4 LOGISTICS LTD’s Policy to conduct all our businesses in an ethical, honest, and socially responsible manner wherever we operate, and we take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

We will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, including, but not limited to, the U.K Bribery Act 2010.

We refuse to offer, give or receive bribes or improper payments, or participate in any corrupt or anti-competitive collusive activity, either directly or indirectly through any third party, to obtain new business, retain existing business, or secure any improper advantage, and will not use or permit others to do such things on our behalf.
We will always strive to avoid any appearance of wrongdoing and will report any attempts to bribe us or to solicit bribes from us and any suspicions we have about bribery and corruption.

We recognize that any allegation of bribery or corruption can seriously damage ALL4 LOGISTICS’ reputation.

We will never participate in any form of corrupt behavior or anti-competitive collusive practices to conceal or fail to accurately record the true nature of ALL4 LOGISTICS activities or falsify or tamper with the books and records.

Click to Read or Download our Full Anti-Corruption Policy v1-2024(PDF).

Customer Survey Form (Feedback form)

To leave your comments or feedback about our services, click on the link below:

Customer Survey Form

Customer Complaint Form

To make a complaint you can use one of the following procedures:

1. Fill in this form:

Customer Complaint Form

2. Download the form below, complete it, and send it via post to:

All4 Logistics Ltd
57 Lakes Ind. EST, Lower CHAPEL HILL

2. Download the form below, complete it, scan it and send it to operations@all4logistics.co.uk

Click to Download our Customer Complaint Form (PDF).

Information Security Policy

ALL4 Logistics is committed to;

  • ensure the security of any information or data
    securing all the electronic information system equipment operated by ALL4 Logistics;
  • enabling the efficient use of the electronic information systems, equipment and services supplied and used in the operation of the company, as well as preventing their use for personal for or with malice;
  • using legal and licensed equipment and services in the electronic information systems used;
  • preserving and acting in line with our Code of Conduct, corporate identity, and values.

ALL4 Logistics is Cyber Essentials certified.

ALL4 Logistics is ISO9001 certified and holds Certificate Number 366522021.

Click to Read or Download our Information Security Policy v1.1-2024(PDF).

Quality & EHS Policy

This policy statement provides a framework for managing all quality, occupational health, safety, and environmental issues facing ALL4 Logistics.

At ALL4 Logistics we are committed to achieving the highest level of performance, we will plan our work to achieve our client’s quality expectations and maintain that excellent health, safety, and environment records make good business sense.

Providing professional service and quality products without compromising the health and safety of the public, our staff, subcontractors, and the protection of the environment is integral to the company and will remain the prime responsibility of management at every level.

ALL4 Logistics aims to continually improve its performance in order to at least comply with changing business and regulatory needs and will always ensure that our policies and management systems will be reviewed every year, or at such a time as changes in legislation come into force, to ensure that they reflect any changes.

Click to Read or Download our Quality & EHS Policy v1.0-2024 (PDF).